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For $425K, Little Yellow Charmer could be Historically Huge

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This quaint, yellow-brick home in Lake Claire is of questionable provenance, but it could be a fairly big deal. According to the listing, this is believed to be a Leila Ross Wilburn "plan" home — in which case, it was designed by one of Georgia's first female architects. With all the charm of the 1930s, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom listing appears rejuvenated from top to bottom, with lots of light, original floors and beautiful built-ins around the fireplace. A quaint 1,278 square feet, the home is cozy, but offers a large, flat back yard, perfect for enjoying the enviable weather of late-ATL winter. For the move-in-ready pleasure of the home, potential buyers encounter a sticker-price of $425,000, cheaper than the average home in the neighborhood, but given the size, a pricey $332.50 per square foot. That's much more than the average of $244, but then, can you put a price on possible history as charming as this?

· 612 Hardendorf Avenue [Estately]