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St. Patrick's Day Vote Could Spell Huge ATL Road Upgrades

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With all of the hubbub surrounding the transportation bill, it's easy to forget that another major milestone in Atlanta road planning is almost upon us. Two infrastructure bonds, totaling $250 million, are coming up for public vote next Tuesday, March 17 (aka, St. Patrick's Day. And luckily, leprechauns are huge alternate-transit advocates. See?)

The bonds would help address the city's $1 billion-plus backlog of projects related to transportation, with the money going toward roads, bridges, sidewalks and traffic signals. The city even has an interactive map showing what projects could be included on the list.

According to the city, there are roughly $186 million worth of transportation improvements and $63 million more worth of municipal-facilities improvement that equate to the $250 million total. The projects cover every corner of the city, with a lot of emphasis on road resurfacing, traffic signal upgrades and updating aging bridge infrastructure. Bicycling infrastructure in corridors like DeKalb Avenue (which could also lose its "suicide" third lane) could also make the cut as part of Complete Streets improvements. Another huge possibility for two-wheel commuters: the addition of bicycle lanes along Howell Mill Road between Collier Road and West Marietta Street.

With a total of 229 projects — including 82 roads to be resurfaced, 48 schools to receive crossing lights and 10 sidewalk projects — the bond will have an impact on just about everyone who lives here. Considering the importance of many of the upgrades, and the seemingly equitable distribution of projects, it's important that we exercise our voting rights in addition to donning green next Tuesday.

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