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Proposed Trail Could Connect North Side to Buckhead, Beltline

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As PATH400 begins to connect Buckhead to what will eventually be the Beltline, other north-end ITP neighborhoods are exploring pedestrian connectivity through multi-use trails, too. For instance: a new, ambitious grassroots initiative is brewing that would link Chamblee and Brookhaven to PATH400 through a series of trails crisscrossing the cities. A Facebook page launched last week — hopefully indicative of growing support for the proposal — shows off an impressive network of 17 trail segments that could make any livable-city proponent drool.

Already, two segments of trail exist in the form of the PATH Foundation's Nancy Creek Trail. A map showing the proposed extent of a full trail system through Chamblee, Brookhaven and Buckhead, indicates the path could potentially link numerous neighborhood parks and Chamblee MARTA station, resulting in walkable, connected communities. Overall, the proposal has the potential to boost pedestrian usage of PATH400 and the Beltline by providing continuous connectivity all the way outside the Perimeter and — gasp — commuting alternatives for people into biking.

Of course, the Nancy Creek Trail proposal is far from the only one in the metro. Thanks to the popularity of the Beltline, neighborhoods across the city are jumping on the trail-wagon, with concepts for trails to one day interconnect the suburbs. This robust network of trails in the Nancy Creek system, if built, could show real dedication to the concept in the northeastern quadrant of the Perimeter. As best we can tell, funding initiatives have yet to really launch.

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