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This $1.5M Garden Hills Modern is, Surprisingly, Almost 50

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Believe it or not, this marvelous contemporary specimen dates to 1967 — or at least the bones are that old. Fresh on the market this week for $1.45 million, this fully updated relic overlooks Sunnybrook Park in the Garden Hills neighborhood, between Peachtree Road and Lindbergh. For modern-style aficionados, picking a favorite feature could be tough, but it's hard to trump the dining room, which is more like a solarium for eating. Other highlights: an entryway of suspended stone, accented by two water features, the intimate outdoor fireplace area and super-slick elevated deck. Some might quibble with the bathroom skylight, the wide-open laundry room and master bedroom with ... views into the bathroom. But this place has style in spades — and quite possibly more history than just its age. Our research indicates the seller has ties to a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, a legendary rock band and Atlanta architectural royalty.

· 365 Brentwood Terrace NE [Lowe Baumann Group]