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Under $200K, Little Home has Big Character, Shady Neighbors

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Near the Beltline, Grant Park and Zoo Atlanta, a cutesy newer craftsman bungalow in Chosewood Park has hit the market at $199,000, a relative bargain. While the house has curb appeal, a kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the price tag is almost $50,000 less than what the home sold for a decade ago, when it was built. With the house being so close to neighborhood amenities, one might wonder what's holding it back; the answer may lie in its location next to a big house. Sometimes, having large neoclassical government buildings as neighbors can drive up prices, but this home's location in the shadow of the unglamorous, turn-of-the-century United States Penitentiary at the southern end of Boulevard seems to have the price on lockdown. For introverts who want neighbors they never have to see (fingers crossed), however, this could be a suitable landing spot.

· 560 Federal Terrace [Zillow]

Zoo Atlanta

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