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Braves Release New Stadium Images, Now with Mini-Skyline

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Earlier this week, the Atlanta Braves announced that SunTrust Park and the accompanying mixed-use development will be an unparalleled technological superforce like the world has never seen, and now they have the visuals to prove it. New renderings paint the team's newfound love affair with Comcast in living color, illustrating that a nine-story office tower emblazoned with the all-caps COMCAST logo will peer over the right-field bleachers. The corporate partnership, team leaders enthused, will bring 1,000 jobs to the Galleria area and multi-terabit network capabilities to the broader, 60-acre project, which will allow traffic apps to ruin commuters' days in real time. At its base, the Comcast building will have up to 20,000 square feet of restaurant and hospitality space facing something called "SunTrust Park plaza." That sounds pretty cool. Information distributed by the team refers to a singular office building beyond the outfield, so we're guessing the other one is hypothetical, at this point. Earlier renderings show it branded with the name of a nonexistent hotel.

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