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$500K Big-House Smackdown: Kirkwood vs. Candler Park

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Let's pretend you won the lottery. Not Powerball or anything like that, but one of those ridiculous $20 scratchers — a ridiculous $20 scratcher that JUST WON YOU HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! Ignoring the fact that taxes would be deducted, and assuming you have no other debts or loved ones that could use the dough, let's also pretend you're dying to spend the winnings on a house. You've got about $40,000 of your own dough to chip in, and you want to feel like one of the cool kids — hip — but in a quieter area with a yard. Candler Park or Kirkwood, you're thinking. But which one? An old house or relatively new? It's time to weigh in, cast your vote and help decide a winner. It's time for Real Estate Deathmatch!

Clean Kirkwood Living

This 2006-built Craftsman is billed as "perfection" on "one of the best streets in Kirkwood." It's clean, white and bright, and boasts a gated drive, two-car garage, a backyard, a spacious master suite and hardwoods throughout. It's substantially larger and newer than the competition, but with less walkability.

2259 Sutton St. SE
Square Footage: 3,300
Price: $539,000
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3.5
Year Built: 2006
Perks: Plenty of space, for just about anybody. A huge garage with living space above it. Very crisp aesthetic.
Potential Drawback: Walkable to the East Lake YMCA, but a several-blocks hike to Kirkwood's main strip.

Candler Park Price Cut

The colors of this pre-war (as in before World War I) bungalow may not be for everyone, but it offers plenty of charm, space and convenience. The kitchen has definitely been renovated, and it appears the bathrooms have, too. Billed as a home with "true bungalow details but with a modern open floor plan," it also includes a screened-in porch and basement bonus room.

469 Sterling St. NE
Square Footage: 2,673
Price: $540,000 (cut by $10,000)
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
Year Built: 1913
Perks: Walkable to the Shops of Candler Park, with "two car" parking, per the listing. Abundant old soul.
Potential Drawbacks: Something may have to be done about that living-room fireplace. And the back yard? Yeah, that's a pretty steep incline.

Poll results

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep