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Can Value and Baseball Bring Housing Boom to Smyrna?

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For those who covet the executive lifestyle and America's Favorite Pastime, a newly listed Smyrna property could be a homerun — or at least a double. Only two miles from SunTrust Park, the hulking brick house includes almost 3/4-acres of wooded land and a gated driveway to keep the Cobb riff-raff at bay. The fact is, a potential buyer can get a lot more house here (five bedrooms, in this case) than many intown hotspots. With a $709,000 price tag, the ask is comparable to a Lake Claire tear-down and far cheaper than a similarly sized Decatur listing. Of course, the suburban location means a Walk Score of 27 and a longer commute for those who work downtown. But with comparatively low Cobb taxes, could the boundless space and impending baseball be enough to make Smyrna the next hot neighborhood? One agent who reps this house seems to think so, telling Curbed: "With all of the new development (ie: Braves stadium) the area is looking to explode."

· 2156 Cumberland Drive [Matthew Brown and Company]