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This Minimalist Beauty in Berkeley Park Seeks $599K

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According to his obituary, Atlanta home designer and builder Franz Schneider had a passion for contemporary design that, over the course of 30 years, "impacted the landscape of intown … before modern design took hold (here)." Schneider died of heart failure in the summer of 2013, but this 2001 example of his work lives on in Berkeley Park, where he concentrated his designs (swapping dilapidated bungalows for modern fare) later in life, following stints in Buckhead, Morningside and Brookhaven. Airy and tastefully minimal, this two-bedroom, three-bathroom home on Schneider's beloved Antone Street isn't officially on the market yet, but it'll ask $599,000 when it is. The highpoint, literally, is a spacious rooftop deck that screams for springtime revelry, and the Scandinavian-style main room isn't shabby either. These cavernous spaces can have a downside. (Good luck cleaning the living-room curtains, or changing the light bulbs above the front patio). Picked nits aside, the 2,040-square-foot property stands as a testament to its designer, and after nearly 15 years, still seems fresh. "Twenty years ago," the obituary reads, "(Schnieder) had the vision this Westside neighborhood would be on the rise."

[Photos via IMOTO]
· 739 Antone St. NW [IMOTO]