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Inman Park's Awesome Trolley Barn will Likely Be Sold Off

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Like Walmart after Christmas, the City of Atlanta has decided it's time to offload a slew of aging merchandise. No longer content with discussing big-ticket items like Underground Atlanta and the Civic Center, the City Council has voted to sell the Inman Park Trolley Barn on Edgewood Avenue, too. The 126-year-old structure has served as an events venue for many years — it's a great place to get married — after it ceased being used to service Atlanta's original streetcars. With the announcement, one would naturally wonder: Are big changes in store for this true historic gem?

The spruced-up trolley barn serves as a beautiful reminder of Atlanta past, in a neighborhood recognized as a historic district. Thanks to that designation, it would be hard for a buyer to scoop up the barn and greatly alter the space. Atlanta INtown reports the not-for-profit that currently operates the venue will likely scrape together funds to buy the building, so things should stay pretty much the same. But for now, the sale isn't necessarily a foregone conclusion. It's not the first time a Trolley Barn sale has been floated: Back in 2013 the proposal had come up, too, but was ultimately tabled.

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