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Now Finished, This Ansley Park Contemporary is Vast, Surreal

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A newly finished contemporary home overlooking Ansley Golf Course might just be the most awesome Atlanta residence of 2015 — so far. Designed by local firm plexus r+d, a quirky outfit known for innovation and doing crazy shit with shipping containers, the home is, in a word, breathtaking. In a few more words, this place seamlessly integrates the outdoors into the interior, with two-story window-walls surrounding three sides of the backyard pool deck. The family room is grandly proportioned (are those 25-foot ceilings?) with the right amount of funky angles. A second-floor catwalk sits away from the window-wall, providing views of the pool and a phenomenal sense of openness, light and flow throughout the house. If there's one complaint, it's that the home is only slightly less sterile than an O.R. However, for contemporary aficionados in Atlanta, this place is hard to beat. No word on how much the home cost the firm's clients, but with Ansley Park lot prices alone approaching $1 million or more, you can bet it didn't come cheap.

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