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Intown Home with Identity Crisis Seeks Ambitious $420K

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This Sweet Auburn house may be a few blocks off when it comes to neighborhood identification, technically speaking, but with a location on the very fringe of Old Fourth Ward, the listing suggests it's trying to cash in on the popularity of "Atlanta's hottest neighborhood." Sold just last year for $185,000 — according to both Zillow and the city's database — this three-bedroom, two-bathroom 1920s house is now listed for a staggering $420,000 by the ambitious/delusional sellers. For that price, you may expect pristine rooms with restored original detailing and heaps of curb appeal. Instead, the (almost) Hoarders-worthy listing photos show a chopped-up duplex complete with a trapezoidal kitchen, overgrown backyard and a fireplace fit for burning. The location does have a lot of potential, being walking distance to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, Krog Street Market, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Atlanta Streetcar, but for now this pocket of the neighborhood is still a bit rough around the edges. If this house does manage to go anywhere near the asking price, it could mean the price-boom of Old Fourth Ward has the power to push all the way to the Grady Curve.

· 349 Irwin Street [Zillow]