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Metro Atlanta Theme Park Would be Nerdy Utopia, Nightclub

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Nerds rejoice! If all goes according to plan, a technology-based theme park, dubbed "Avatron Smart Park," could soon be rising in Bartow County, in the far northwestern reaches of metro Atlanta. Like Disney World for geeks, minus the rodent mascots, the park would comprise 713 acres of immersive avatar experiences "where entertainment meets fantasy and perception becomes reality" — or the exact opposite of the Clermont Lounge. By way of motion sensors, RFID chips and augmented reality, visitors could be jettisoned into a holographic, interactive experience as they explore three themed lands by day, and then rage by night when the park morphs into a nightclub. Since all of this would be located in swinging Bartow, which is like the cornfed cousin of Cobb County, nothing could possibly go wrong.

While details remain a bit fuzzy, it seems that California-based Avatron USA Development LLC wants to create an entire entertainment complex, including two hotels, retail space and maybe even a music venue. A rendering released by Avatron USA — which looks like it was created using the Super Mario 64 program, mildly disconcerting for a theme park featuring innovative technology — shows the park sectioned into "New Earth," "The Nose Knows" and "Ghost Pets." And the experience would not stop at the exit gates. The park promises to use cutting-edge (read: creepy) technology to follow you home.

There is some logic to all of this. The park would join the new LakePoint Sporting Complex in Emerson and Cartersville, like a testament to cheap land and easy approvals, perhaps. If all goes according to plan, the park could open in July 2018. But this isn't the first time a park like this has been proposed. Back in 2013, almost identical plans for a park in the Bahamas surfaced. What little information that's available online suggests nothing ever came of it.

Maybe the metro Atlanta venture will be different. Or maybe this is like the 2015 version of the giant indoor snow park that never was.

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