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$1.7M Buys 2 Downtown Buildings, 2 Vastly Different Clubs

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For the investor who's into havin' checks and makin' love — and by that we mean breeding an appreciation for historic properties — a recent listing in downtown Atlanta presents an interesting proposition. For the asking price of $1.69 million, a buyer gets two Trinity Street properties, built way back 1900, that still appear to be in fine shape. Both are leased, the listing states, with two clubs that employ vastly different aesthetics, plus a tamer upstairs event space. (The addresses include a killer Walk Score of 89, which means driving drunk won't be necessary, and late-night munchies can't be far away; there's also easy access to jail). The brighter, purple-infused space is Suede Lounge, billed as a premier tapas joint and dance club. If that's heaven, the other club is purgatory. The Signature Lounge (formerly Club Vice) is a brooding, gothic space, where it looks like a few cat-o'-nine-tails would be right at home. While the price would be a splurge, the listing includes those key terms for commercial property buyers — "fully leased" and "prime location." Go investor, it's your birthday.

257 Trinity Ave. [Estately]