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Bold Claims Can't Fix $2.5 Million Morningside Midcentury

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Many listings invoke the hackneyed claim "once in a lifetime." Typically, the hyperbolic statement is applied to sleek modern stunners and gorgeous historic homes that drip detail. So, when the description is used for a standard 1953 ranch with four bedrooms and two-and-1/2 bathrooms, you're probably right to question the claim. The outside of the Morningside-Lenox Park home exudes the abandoned asylum aesthetic of dead grass and creepy statues, while the inside wreaks of tired midcentury design in need of fresh paint and decluttering — overall, overwhelmingly mediocre. While the listing casually tosses out "Frank Lloyd Wright inspired," it seems a case of egregious namedropping with even less credence to back it up than the Frank-Lloyd-Wright-apprentice-designed home. Where this place earns the "wow" factor is in the size of the lot. At more than three acres, a buyer could enjoy the wonders of nature while being just a few minutes from Midtown, although $2.5 million is no small sum to pay for the pleasure. Maybe it's time to stop using FLW to sell every home built between 1940 and 1960.

· 1805 Lenox Road []