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Venturing Into the Bowels of Atlanta with 'Phoenix Flies'

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Christmas for ATL history buffs has arrived. Every March, the Atlanta Preservation Center (APC) hosts the Phoenix Flies program, offering more than 200 free events, including at least 60 tours of historic sites often closed to visitors the rest of the year. The APC, who has successfully advocated for the preservation of many historic buildings over the years, partners with groups such as the Beltline, the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Atlanta Urban Design Commission and many neighborhood groups to provide a range of programming, which carries on through March 22. This past weekend, local architect Jeff Morrison led more than 100 people on his Unseen Underground tour. While he's slated to treat one more group to the experience during Phoenix Flies, it has already filled up. For those who couldn't snag a spot, sign up on Morrison's Facebook page to find learn when the next tour will come around. In the meantime, enjoy some visual highlights from our journey:

· Phoenix Flies [Atlanta Preservation Center]