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Oakhurst Modern is Now Finished, Still Costing $1.1M

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After some neighborhood controversy and a price bump, this beast of onyx brick, horizontal cedar siding and clean rooflines is finished in Oakhurst. Described in the listing as a "bold" and "amazing" "modern masterpiece," it's been on the market, at least in concept form, for a year this month. While some were mourning the lot's 1942 predecessor, the contemporary replacement's $950,000 listing vanished last summer, only to reappear even higher ($1.1 million) in October. Which brings us to today, where the price is firm and the photos new. For starters, the house sits up the street from Oakhurst Village (Walk Score: an okay 64), with six bedrooms, 4,250 square feet and that ever-popular Decatur-area accoutrement: the carport (aka, carage, or garport). By and large, the spaces are grand in scale but simple in design. The kitchen has top-flight appliances and roominess to spare, but some might see a clinical coldness there. Warmer woods help alleviate that in the adjacent (and to-die-for) screened-in porch. Overall, it could be logical compromise for deep-pocketed modern fans who fear going full Scandinavian spaceship.

· 447 Ansley St. [Estately]