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Sizzling Old Fourth Ward will Welcome Upturned Matchbox

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Brokers are running out of fresh ways to describe the steaming molten madness that is the Old Fourth Ward's residential marketplace. For emphasis, this particular listing employs German and all-caps, calling the neighborhood "uber-HOT." This "stunning new modern home" — again, the agent's words — and its $750,000 asking price had better hope the hype is real. With four bedrooms and more than 2,700 square feet, it'll be a burly thing, that's for sure, strategically positioned around the corner from Historic Fourth Ward Park. A product of Piedmont Ridge Builders (whose offerings tend to lean much more traditional), the house joins a growing crop of modern residences in this pocket of hot-hot-hotsville. Some might quibble with the matchbox-with-perfect-posture design, the Decatur-esque price point or the "oversized" one-car garage. But it touts a commendable 88 Walk Score, which speak volumes for the area's promise.

· 636 East Ave. NE [Estately]