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$115K Home near Westside Trail Could be Colorful Investment

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For those with confidence that the Westside Trail will be completed in a reasonable amount of time — and will bear the fruits of such substantial investment — there are great deals to be had in neighborhoods like Pittsburgh, Adair Park, Mechanicsville and West End. Case in point is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom Pittsburgh home built in 2004 and recently renovated (like many others), listed for a dirt-cheap $115,000. The bright blue two-story home has new cabinets, granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen. Downstairs, note the hardwood floors; upstairs there's a large porch off one bedroom. The finishes may be a little sterile and the backyard needs some work, but for the price, a potential buyer could have moola left over to spruce the place up (and invest in a few deadbolts and a vicious dog or three). And if the eastside is any indication, when the Beltline comes through here, this area could quickly rebound. It's practically in the shadow of downtown.

· 775 Welch Street SW [Estately]