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After Wild Renovation, '50s Relic in East Lake Wants $299K

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Is that a leather door? The answer, given the rest of this house, is probably yes. Around the corner from East Lake Golf Club, this eye-popping $299,000 listing was, to quote the listing agent, "recently renovated and designed by one of the most celebrated interior designers in the country!" The result is an unabashed mishmash of custom wood ceilings, robot-looking toilets, wild wallpaper and sisal carpets that could make a minimalist faint. Though it was built in 1955, it doesn't fit the traditional midcentury mold (or any other mold, for that matter). There doesn't seem to be a single square inch that wasn't customized to the nines. With 1,640 square feet, it's hardly a sprawler, but it does offer three bedrooms and a finished daylight basement that spills into those party-ready, outdoor lounge areas. It helps that the pro-grade listing photos could be described as sultry. What doesn't help: the confounding Walk Score of just 28. But when the party's clearly right here, why walk away?

· 500 Rosemont Drive [Zillow]