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$3.3 Million Buckhead Listing: 'I'm Kind of a Big Deal.'

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This $3.35 million Buckhead estate hit the market like a boss this week — with a full-blown press release calling it "truly a work of art" and nearly 70 listing photos. It's tucked away in West Paces Park, a circa-2001 community near Interstate 75 that's been billed as "Buckhead's most exclusive, gated enclave." These are bold statements, and now buyers must decide if the property lives up. For starters, it's got all the requisite bells-and-whistles of CEO-level living: an elevator, new home gym, a freakin' conference room and nine different options for using the restroom. Per the agent, it's "prestigious but not stuffy" and well-suited to "entertain VIPs and put your feet up" — presumably not at the same time, unless you're skilled at toe puppetry. In the living room, formal dining room and master bathroom, it boasts what's called groin-vaulted ceilings (seriously) that are popular in classic Italian architecture. Beyond the 7,500 square feet inside is the property highlight — a shadeless, swanky pool area on that rarest of Atlanta finds: a big flat backyard.

· 3240 West Paces Park Drive [Coldwell Banker]