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Introducing: a Fearless $535K Renovation in Reynoldstown

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This overhauled 1920 bungalow is boldly going where no Reynoldstown home has recently gone before — to the over-1/2 million price-point stratosphere! Let's be careful not to get burned by those rocket boosters and step inside for a closer analysis. For $535,000 on Walthall Street, a few blocks from the Eventual Beltline, the home offers four bedrooms and a generally inspired renovation (see: marble in the master bathroom, the bountiful kitchen cabinetry, pretty floors). Three artfully restored fireplaces pump up the historic vibe, but the mere two bathrooms (like that drab slab out back) aren't doing it any favors. It has a roomy 2,600 square feet, which breaks down to $206 per square foot; that's high for most intown neighborhoods right now, but not totally preposterous. It's worth noting that this is the lone Reynoldstown house for sale over $500,000 right now. And according to Zillow, nothing has recently sold for $500,000 or more in R-town that isn't a large plot of land or this church. A historic house/compound did sell for $540,000 in neighboring Cabbagetown back in 2013, but it was a relative non-comp monster with seven bedrooms and 4,300 square feet. So it could take extreme confidence in R-town's future (and probably straight cash) to make this deal happen.

· 178 Walthall St. [Redfin]