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Atlantic Station Condo Brims with Tchotchkes & Stuff

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Looking more like a bric-a-brac store than a real-estate listing, an electric-blue unit at Atlantic Station is seeking a buyer who likes pizzazz. Located on the 20th floor of Twelve Atlantic Station, the condo's balcony offers views of Millennium Gate, the lake in the middle of 17th Street and IKEA. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit has 1,067 square feet and features three closets, including a special one just for shoes. While the tchotchkes strewn throughout the home aren't included, the buyer will get two parking spaces, all of the appliances and the custom draperies, which may look decent if the walls were painted a less eye-scorching color. After setting the asking price at $294,999, the current owner could make a pretty penny off their $190,000 purchase two years ago.

· 361 17th Street, Unit 2024 [Zillow]

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