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In Changing Sandy Springs, Cherished Club to be Townhomes

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Once again, tradition is taking a backseat to development in Sandy Springs. A swim and tennis club, which has acted as a community hub in the Perimeter city, has voted to sell their 11 acres on Spalding Drive at Ga. Highway 400 to developers hoping build 110 townhomes, according to a tipster. Members of the Spalding Woods Club voted to dissolve it last month, according to a Facebook page devoted to saving the institution. In some ways, the move brings to mind the recent, tragic demolition of Glenridge Hall and even The Punchline's sellout. In this case, the development is contingent on Sandy Springs approving a rezoning proposal at a meeting later this month. If approved, the townhomes would be buried in a hidden, triangular lot hemmed in by the recently developed Lafayette Square townhomes, The Park at Trowbridge neighborhood and the Marquis at Perimeter Center — the most misnamed location ever — Apartments. Access would likely be shared with Lafayette Square, meaning more cars would be attempting to navigate an already congested bottleneck onto Spalding.

Despite lacking the needed approvals for the plans to move forward, the leadership of the club seems confident things will work out. Spalding Woods is no longer accepting full memberships, but is offering a $650 "Associate Membership" to use the facilities from May to September this year; if all goes according to plan, this will be the final summer of Marco Polo in the pool. Assuming the government gives the necessary approval to disband, the assets of the club will be divvied up among the members, marking the closure of a community pool and the loss of natural woodlands.

While some are lamenting the loss of the community hub and a slew of trees, others are more worried about the traffic that could accompany new development. With more than 100 new residences, they fear, the bad traffic on Spalding Drive around Trowbridge and Peachtree-Dunwoody roads could be horrendous. On April 28, following the Community Zoning Information Meeting, we shall know if Sandy Springs shares their concerns.

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