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Burger Week; Chefs Picks; H&F Phenomenon

All the latest dining and nightlife news from Eater Atlanta.

CITYWIDE — It's Burger Week across the Eater universe, and we're celebrating all things good about the burger scene in Atlanta. You can find all of Eater Atlanta's Burger Week updates right here.

CHEFS WEIGH IN — Want to know what goes into a great burger? Ask the pros. Local chefs voice their opinions on the necessities for burger glory, and they pick a side on the debate between double-stacks and single patties.

BURGER PAIRINGS — The next question after "should I eat a burger?" — yes, obviously — is "how should I wash it down?" Again, turn to those in the know. Local beverage professionals make their recommendations for wines and cocktails that will go nicely with that beefy goodness.

BUCKHEAD — Atlanta's double-stack craze can trace its origins back to the burger at Holeman & Finch, which celebrated its seventh birthday on Wednesday. Chef Linton Hopkins discusses the thought process behind his famous dish, why he initially kept it off the menu, and whether it's received too much hype.