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Why Tech Students Aren't Being Arrested for Booze, Pot

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Developers of the swanky and wildly popular student towers near Georgia Tech might want to invest in extra-sensitive smoke alarms. An analysis of Georgia Tech police crime reports by Technique, the school's newspaper, found that, "If you drink alcohol under age or smoke marijuana in your room at Tech, you are unlikely to be arrested" — findings that probably come as a relief on this ceremonious day. The newspaper studied crime logs from the beginning of the fall semester through March, and statistics show that Tech students are either extraordinarily well-behaved, or veritable ninjas when it comes to not getting caught. Or maybe it's that the North Avenue Trade School is like a mini-Colorado in some respects — as one alleged scofflaw recently told police.

During the six-month period in question, Tech police logged 67 alcohol cases not related to driving. Only two of those resulted in an arrest — and just one involved a student arrest. In the latter case, the combo charge of criminal trespass could help explain why the Techie was booked, the newspaper found.

When it comes to marijuana-related cases, about half of the 25 instances resulted in an arrest. But of those, interestingly, only one involved marijuana possession by a student who wasn't driving or in a car. One report shows that a marijuana possession suspect at the school had no fear of getting caught, telling police "he heard from friends that Georgia Tech Police, unlike other colleges, don't make arrests for marijuana (and) stated this is why he kept and smoked marijuana on campus," according to a police report.

It turns out there's some validity to that stoner logic.

The school's Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students told the newspaper that most first-time offenders for alcohol and marijuana get either probation or a warning. A police official added that students caught with less than one ounce of reefer won't face arrest — but will be dealt with internally via student affairs and housing offices.

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