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Report Finds that Suburbs are Like Atlanta, Except Cheaper

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Residents of Atlanta who feel the city is lacking in small-town parades, xenophobia and good ol' fashioned obscurity should count themselves lucky. The real estate pros at Movoto have compiled a list of the metro's 10 most affordable suburbs this week, highlighting the virtues of places like Forest Park, Panthersville and where-the-hell-is-that Irondale, Conley and Barnesville. The report blithely suggests that living in these places "just outside" the expensive inner city is a logical option, based on "some serious number crunching" and analysis of cost-of-living data and median home values.

The little Clayton County city of Morrow — home to the region's most strikingly moribund mixed-use failure — takes the top slot, thanks to the fact that residents spend merely 24 percent of income on rent. "Really," Movoto notes, "the fact that you can actually afford to live here is just the cherry on top of this sundae." Other revelations: 1. Locust Grove has median house prices of $101,300 and "the excitement of Atlanta." 2. Centerville has run amok with pint-sized hippies. 3. The phrase "just outside" is applicable to distances of 20 miles. 4. A statement like "the commute is probably worth the savings" is so 1988.

· These Are The 10 Most Affordable Atlanta Suburbs [Movoto]