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For $3.8M, 'Ansley Park's Signature Home' is Quite Incredible

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From the street, passersby would hardly expect this place to have wall-mounted ladders leading to lofts, or room after room of amazing Asian artifacts and original art. But expecting the unexpected is par for the course at this 1912 brick Traditional, which is being billed, boldly, as "Ansley Park's signature home." It's hard to decide what's more astounding: the $3.85 million asking price, or the amount of overall space (6,700 square feet) for a house at the cusp of Midtown. It manages to make a random antique elevator look cool and the mother of all skylights seem logical. There isn't a ceiling in here that doesn't seem touched by some serious design genius. One drawback: the cost of hiring a curator to fill all the exhibition-ready walls and art nooks. Another: nice koi pond and walled garden, but nearly $4 million and no pool?

· 108 17th St. NE [Beacham & Company]