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New Apartments will Continue Westside Trend in Buckhead

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A nondescript office building just off Interstate 75 in Buckhead is about to be the next beneficiary or victim — depending on your point of view — of Atlanta's apartment craze. Unlike other out-with-the-old teardowns, though, it's doubtful anyone is too upset over this. Developer Pollack Shores plans to construct a five-story building with 345 units on five-and-1/2 acres along Howell Mill Road. The Flats at Howell Mill, as they will be called, are designed by The Preston Partnership and will look pretty much like the rest of the modern apartment buildings going up around town, from Inman Park to Dunwoody. With seven floors of parking wrapped in the stock-standard apartment building, it likely won't win any architecture awards, but neither would the building it's replacing. No love lost.

The building occupying the site was formerly known as 1888 Emery, located just across the street from the new Crescent Howell Mill project. This growth of new apartments marks the northern edge of the big Westside boom along Howell Mill Road that starts south of the Atlanta Water Works. The Flats at Howell Mill will sit across Interstate 75 from the District at Howell Mill, lending it close proximity to Walmart and other Fuqua-style fare. No word on timeline, though given the scale of the project and work needed to remove the existing building, we're guessing it could be 2017 before all is said and done.

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