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Peachtree & Piedmont Primed for Another Apartment Project

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Like the mid-aughts Condomania that affected many pockets of ATL, the real (estate) addiction positively rampant in Buckhead is a serious case of apartmentfluenza. Adding to the fever, Coro Realty Advisors have thrown up signs on a lot they've held through the Recession, proclaiming apartments are "Coming Soon." Tomorrow's News Today reports that (what appears to be) a seven-story building with street-front retail will soon rise on the site of two long-demolished restaurants, across from Terminus. The development will be just north of Peachtree Road with frontage on Piedmont Road at the entrance to Buckhead Place shopping center, adjacent to the aptly named Piedmont Peachtree Crossing shopping center — home to world-famous Disco Kroger.

Coro is no stranger to the location. Back in 2008, on a parcel of land adjacent to the new project, Coro constructed O5, a high-rise luxury apartment development. While it's unclear if the smaller-scale new proposal was always in the cards, the size more closely conforms to other projects in the immediate vicinity, such as Broadstone Court.

In case there were any doubts that apartmentfluenza is a full-blown Buckhead epidemic, the article lists 10 other projects within walking distance of Buckhead Place. The good news about all this new density: People who jog and bike on Peachtree Road and Piedmont to PATH400 in the evenings will have a chance to enjoy a dose of schadenfreude as they pass those unfortunate souls in gridlock.

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