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Battle on Boulevard: Which Victorian will be Victorious?

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It's no secret that parts of Boulevard have had a tumultuous past. In its late 19th century heyday, however, the street was known as a grandiose place with "a number of magnificent homes, with their spacious lawns..." But what's old is new again, and with Grant Park being one of many burgeoning places around town, this stretch of Boulevard is experiencing a price-per-square-foot Renaissance of sorts. Two 1920 Victorians are for sale along the eastern edge of the neighborhood's eponymous park. With period charm and a location that can only get better as the Beltline passes to the east, it's up to you, dear readers, to decide which house is the best bang for the buck. Yes, it's time for Real Estate Deathmatch! But this time, there's a price difference to take into consideration.

Pollen-colored Paradise

First up is a cheery four-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage. Despite the fact that it's painted pollen green-yellow, the place has some serious curb appeal, with an inviting garden and covered porch with tons of gingerbready-Victorian frou-frou. Inside there are soaring ceilings, gorgeous restored built-ins and hardwood floors for days. With an awesome attic playroom, gorgeous arbor-covered dining patio and a frickin' teepee in the family room, this place is ready for fun. The 2,735 square-foot house is yours for the taking at $489,000.

· 532 Boulevard [Zillow]

Big Brick Steps

The second home, just a few blocks south of the first contender, offers one less bedroom but still two bathrooms. Set back from the street on a little hill, the home has a wrap-around porch with a commanding view out toward Grant Park. Unfortunately, someone tacked on an oddly overwhelming brick entry stair which hangs off the home like an ungainly apendage, but nothing that can't be removed. Inside is cozy, though the configuration seems a bit convoluted — the front door opening into what appears to be an eating area. Sure, the backyard is a bit on the small side, but for more than $100,000 less than the first home, maybe this 1,715 square-foot home is a better bargain at $374,900.

· 738 Boulevard [Zillow]

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