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Yelp says Krog Street Market is Too Damn Popular

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Krog Street Market has been open less than six months, not every retail slot is filled, and yet the astute online arbiters at the Yelp Elite Squad are singing a common chorus: This place is crazy, crazy busy. Donning shiny profile badges, this "exclusive, in-the-know crew" of Yelpers has attained Elite '15 status by providing consistently good community insights, according to Yelp. Here's one from David F. that pertains to the popularity of KSM and its automobile spillage into nearby areas: "Dear Inman Park and O4W community officials, let's talk about A RAPIDLY GROWING PROBLEM! The Krog St. Market area and Inman Park retail area is a freaking ZOO!" While David isn't alone in his concerns, it should be noted that the average rating of 60 reviews for KSM is four stars out of five, and most Yelpers are quick to use superlatives like "amazing," "gorgeous" and "the shizzle." What's more, parking relief could soon come with the opening of a nearby garage. But the Yelpers' criticisms could make you wonder if Atlanta wasn't a little too hungry for a concept like this.

An Elite Yelper named Mick D. travels from Jonesboro to KSM and finds the basics — parking and seating — to be consistently scarce. "When it's busy parking is difficult, and getting a place to sit and eat is an exercise in frustration," writes Mick. "And when I say 'frustration,' I am being polite. In fact, when this place gets busy, it really gets b-u-s-y."

Dude's so peeved he just went phonetic.

Meanwhile, David suggests that parking across town and walking to dinner could be a viable option. "Sometimes I feel like it's more convenient to park near Piedmont Park and walk the Beltline 2+ miles to get to Inman Park/O4W," he writes.

Avid KSM patron Rachel K. visited five times in one month, but not on a weekend. Her weekday observations — "Not enough tables/seats for people who want to sit and eat" and "Long lines are crazy zigzagged around other lines" — could seem disconcerting, if she didn't spout: "WOW - this place is poppin'!"

Interestingly, non-Atlantans on Yelp seem a little more forgiving and laudatory.

"So amazing!" writes Colleen B. from Orlando. "This spot screams, 'Oh hello, we are full of local love and greatness, please join us!'"

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