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What More Than $1M Buys in Candler Park Right Now

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Up the street from Candler Park Golf Course, around the corner from the Flying Biscuit, we find this dignified Craftsman with a price tag of $1.09 million and what the agent calls "magazine-quality design." It's Exhibit A in the argument that times have seriously changed since this Candler Park gentrification video was complied 30 years ago, and its price point is indicative of a neighborhood's maturation. So what's a million-plus get in CP these days? For starters, tons of beautified space (four bedrooms and room for a fifth, across 3,839 square feet). A truly wide-open kitchen, breakfast nook and living-room combo, with a customized, stainless steel island. Elsewhere, there's a large media room and a sunroom that spills onto the smallish deck, overlooking the private backyard, sans pool. Built in 2008, the home's style is quintessential Atlanta. Its price is probably where Atlanta is headed.

· 1607 Marlbrook Drive NE [Estately]