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Is Kirkwood Craftsman Bellwether of Market Over-Optimism?

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It's good to know the market is rebounding, but like one super-cluttered Sweet Auburn house, this Kirkwood offering might be a bit more optimistic than what's warranted. Listed for $650,000, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom Craftsman built in 2013 was sold only 18 months ago for about $438,000. While the neighborhood has gotten hotter and more stable in the intervening time, like many intown places, it seems pretty optimistic to ask for close to a 50-percent return on the home in such a short period. True, the house has a sweet-ass porch, gorgeous millwork, what appears to be a bedroom-turned-closet and a separate apartment over the garage. With 3,500 square feet, it's rather gigantic, too. But with a Walk Score of 58, it's definitely lacking in some walkability metrics. While it's not as egregious a violator as the downtown house, is this another example of an inflated Atlanta market? Is it time that people come back down to real-estate reality? Or is the market correcting itself, to where it should've been all along?

· 94 Branham Street [Zillow]