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$2.4M Buckhead Cottage is a Study in Quirky Class

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From the street, this postwar Tuxedo Road cottage is as prim and proper as your grandma at a wedding. But inside, it's like your flamboyant cousin at the reception, drunkenly doing the Running Man, spilling sangria and picking fights with the bridesmaids. Most of the interiors are nothing if not bold (the icy palettes of the masters notwithstanding), with so many Easter-egg greens and baby-room purples — and that dining room drenched in South Beach teal. "Bring your most discerning buyers," the agent advises, because not just anybody has $2.4-million capabilities, especially when hiring cover-up painters is a must. The back deck and pool are extraordinary, the house is big at 4,500 square feet, and the overall lot looks both huge and immaculately maintained. Which is good, because the rarified dirt in this part of Buckhead don't come cheep.

· 3930 Tuxedo Road [Estately]