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After a Year, Still no Takers for East Atlanta Rebuild

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A sizable East Atlanta home has been languishing on the market for a year, and despite a substantial price drop four months ago ($21,500), the home is still waiting to be scooped up for $386,500. Featuring four bedrooms and three bathrooms, the 2,790 square-foot abode sits just a few walkable blocks from East Atlanta Village. There's a huge deck overlooking the tree-filled backyard, and while it's not winning any awards for curb appeal, there's nothing that obviously screams, "Don't buy me!" Sure, there are a few quirks, like some stairs in the closet and an awkwardly small sitting room, but the home was reconstructed from a 1940s shell, so it can all be chalked up to "charm." The price-versus-square-footage ratio makes it relatively cheap, compared with virtually all neighboring areas. With the market heating up across town, what gives?

· 671 Stokeswood Avenue [Estately]