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Swanky Student Apartments are Renting Like Mad in Midtown

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Georgia Tech students have been snatching up rooms in new off-campus high-rise projects in Midtown faster than yellow jackets to sugar water. Square on Fifth (SQ5) has announced on Facebook that the 230-unit project is down to just 10 beds left in the entire building, which will be opening in time for classes this fall. The 25-story tower has one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom suites and lords over Spring Street at Abercrombie Place, just north of Tech Square. The location makes it a convenient choice for Ramblin' Wrecks — fittingly, the building's website touts that George P. Burdell has even signed a lease. But SQ5 isn't the only new kid on the block, with tv-filled neighbor University House also slated to open in the fall. So with two options, which to choose?

Square on Fifth snuck onto the scene just last year as University House was under way. Designed by the Preston Partnership, SQ5 is being developed by Gateway Development Services in collaboration with South City Partners and ELV Associates. The building will accommodate 628 beds split among 230 units. With all the amenities you'd expect of a Midtown condo and 21st century student housing, including a club room, rooftop lounge area and retail at the ground level, SQ5 will be quite a step up from the Georgia Tech dorms of yore.

Located just across 8th Street from Square on Fifth — further proving that Atlanta's numbered streets make zero sense — University House is being constructed by University House Communities, who run similar off-campus dorms in 12 states. With comparable amenities to its neighbor, University House is fighting for marketshare, with the website banner reading "YOU SHOULD LIVE HERE." Perplexingly, they highlight "rockstar amenities," too. Last we checked, the closest thing to rockstars at Tech are geology students.

Nonetheless, University House was more than 50 percent leased for the fall — back in January. Officials with University House have updated us that the building is now more than 90 percent leased. It'll have 268 units, 706 beds and one giant poolside television.

Both University House and Square on Fifth are prominent additions to the western flank of Midtown's skyline. For students jonesing for the latest in accommodation, both offer a radical departure from the current student housing options. But choose fast, kids, because there isn't much room left in either.

An earlier version of the article misidentified the builder of University House as Ambling University Development Group. Rather, Ambling assisted in site selection of the property, but the building is being developed by University House Communities.

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