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Coming to Old Fourth Ward: Something Radically Different

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A dose of Scandinavia is bound for the Old Fourth Ward. On Highland Avenue, between Boulevard and the original Highland Bakery, this unbuilt $799,900 house (shown from behind, above) came on the market last week with a scant three renderings and shots of various neighborhood scenes. It's a fresh style for the O4W scene, echoing recent new-builds in Reynoldstown, and offering the whacky, exposed-beam rooflines of a Stockholm suburb. It incorporates what the listing calls "sublime exterior materials" such as "beautiful stone" and "large timber elements." The listing gives no indication of who the builder or designer is, and the property doesn't seem to exist in city records. But back to the facts: It'll have more than 3,000 square feet, four bedrooms, a two-car garage with a studio, truly soaring ceilings and a "floating" staircase inside. If the actual product turns out like the renderings, it could be something radically different for a neighborhood where styles range from historic shotguns to ultra-modern cubes, and just about everything in between.

· 576 Highland Ave. NE [Keller Williams Realty]