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Lights, Camera, Action!

After 50 years, the downtown retail relic that is Miller's Rexall Drugs continues to live a charmed existence, now that a filming project will bring it a boatload of cash, What Now Atlanta reports. The family-owned retailer is being transformed into a movie set for "The Ring 3" — aka, "Rings" — which is supplying nearly $30,000 in needed renovations, in the way a TV show ("Detroit 1-8-7") helped the store weather the Recession in 2008. Once described by the Wall Street Journal as "a landmark hoodoo and homeopathic remedy shop," the store (and its "Run Devil Run" storefront marquee) was a huge inspiration for a 1999 Paul McCartney record, after the former Beatle had decided to take a walk one day on "the funky side" of Atlanta. [Photo:]