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For $139K, House Beckons Midcentury Fans on a Budget

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In Gresham Park, a couple of miles south of the East Atlanta Village, this 1955 house touts its midcentury ethos for cool buyers on a budget. It's not the only postwar dwelling in the area to pump up the midcentury vibe, and good luck finding a comparable house for $139,900 in hotter 'hoods to the north. Inside, the requisite midcentury furnishings — the credenza, the record player, the bulbous, throwback light fixture — boost the vintage style. Some might find 1,468 square feet to be cramped, but it manages to squeeze in three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen, gleaming hardwoods and oversized master shower suggest the overhaul is somewhat recent, but like a good mullet, the real party's in the back! The fenced, ample backyard includes a fire pit, picnic table and hammock, where buyers willing to venture off the beaten path can take a load off, pop a cold one and savor thoughts of their mortgage payment.

· 1861 BOULDERVIEW DRIVE SE [Nest Atlanta]