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Decatur's 'Red Cross House' is Still Seeking a Perfect Match

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More than a year after it first hit the market, Decatur's "Red Cross House" is still up for grabs, which makes for a bit of a head-scratcher. The large home, which served as the Red Cross headquarters until 1970, has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and apparently a fatal flaw. At an impressive 4,438 square feet, there's no shortage of space, though for the ask of $925,000, buyers might want a slightly more refined kitchen. Still, located in hotter-than-Hades Decatur, not far from the Square, it might come as a surprise that the storied home has been on the market for 375 days. Is it that the price has only come down $25,000 in the last year? Is the color scheme inside a bit too haphazard? Are the bathrooms not granite-y enough? Or could it be that it's legacy as a blood bank (and its location near the "Death House") is a bit too macabre? (For an explanation, see this historical recap we compiled about the house last year). Anyhow, astute readers, it's up to you to find the fatal flaw.

· 737 Sycamore Street [Zillow]