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1,750 Square Feet + Puttin' on The Ritz = Quite Expensive

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Some of the biggest piles of equity in Atlanta are perched above Peachtree Road in Buckhead right now — for people who bought at the right time, that is. With a dearth of new condos on the Buckhead market, and almost no new ultra-luxe product left, it's becoming high season for cashing in. Such is the case at this two-bedroom Ritz-Carlton Residences unit, which is shooting for a brain-busting $770 per square foot. At that rate, a 500-square-foot shoebox in, say, Midtown would cost a painful $385,000. But that shoebox wouldn't offer the fleet-footed services of the Ritz's "Ladies and Gentlemen" concierges, valet parking, a sprawling balcony or access to truly top-flight amenities. The listing agent says this marks the resale debut of the "Sought after 01 plan," which includes two and ½ bathrooms and a den among 1,750 square feet. The asking price is $1.35 million. And that's almost exactly double what the unit sold for in 2012. But in fairness, it sounds like some dough was spent on finishes (and bountiful entryway mirrors!) by an "award winning designer." If this fetches anywhere near the ask, it'll become a time-machine property. That is, one that makes you want to rewind time, secure a big loan and just wait.

· 3630 Peachtree Road NE UNIT 3001 [Berkshire Hathaway]