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Handsome Ormewood House Goes the Discount Route

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A rocking-chair front porch, stained-glass transom and farm sink lend this Ormewood Park bungalow a touch of down-home comfort in the big city. The wilting price tag — it was axed by $20,000 last week, a few days after it'd listed — suggests the sellers are ready to get gone. With 2,100 square feet and four bedrooms, this 2010 offering is hardly small, and buyers could do much worse in nearby neighborhoods than $415,000 right now. Highlights include the private, low-maintenance, party-ready backyard, the vaulted ceilings and that front-porch ceiling fan, a Hotlanta godsend. Granted, this place isn't exactly at the doorstep of Glenwood Park's attractions, and the Beltline doesn't even own the future segment that's a few blocks away. So maybe there's an issue with walkability. Or could it be all the brown tiling that's turning buyers off? Maybe it's the mismatched upstairs windows that give the illusion this home is winking? Or maybe ... none of the above.

· 939 Delaware Ave. SE [Estately]