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For Kids at Heart, Westside Townhouse has Swings Inside!

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A townhouse in that rainbow-hued community on the Westside infuses industrial vibes with a bit of retro schoolyard. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom M West unit is a pleasant assortment of styles, with traditional colors and hardwood floors melding with exposed metal rails and concrete. Then there are the two swings, casually hanging from the ceiling in the family room like they're perfectly normal chairs or something. Other than that, the place is pretty run-of-the-mill. Sure, the bathtub accessed directly from the shower is rather unusual, but the finishes are sleek and the neighborhood features a dog park, nature preserve and pool. And for rainy days, you always have your inside swings — at a cost of $305,900.

· 1395 Stirling Cir. [Estately]