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Architects Take Atlanta: AIA Convention Coverage 2015

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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) — keeper of the keys for the design world — is hosting its annual convention in Atlanta for the first time in 40 years. Starting today, weary-eyed, underpaid architects from around the country, and even some from abroad, will descend on Atlanta. There will be lectures and seminars to attend on exciting things like concrete and electrical wiring, tons of tours of buildings old and new, more than 800 exhibitors and some big name speakers. And drinking, probably lots of drinking.

Over the next few days we'll don some square-frame glasses, dress in all black and report on the goings on at the convention. We'll ply the Georgia World Congress Center for hot new architectural trends and products. We'll sit in on a keynote by everyone's favorite saxophone player/former president — who rumor has it is doing this to pay the bills. And we'll even have a chance to jump on some tours of yet-to-be-opened buildings like the GSU Law School and the new Falcons Stadium. So be sure to check in daily for this limited time segment of Architects Take Atlanta: AIA Convention Coverage 2015.

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