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Expedia's Portrait of Atlanta will Make You Feel Delightful

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With so many savvy visitors in town, it seems like an opportune time to suggest watching the enormously pleasant Atlanta travel guide compiled by Expedia last year. The five-minute YouTube clip, viewed some 134,000 times, serves as a great primer for ATL newbies and a pride-booster for locals — so long as they're willing to overlook chronic problems and agree with assertions like, "(Atlanta) just gets more graceful with every passing season."

Backed by the musical equivalent of Prozac, and with a narrator so honky-dory he makes Pee-wee Herman sound like Danny Trejo, the guide rattles off clichés about the "thick, continuous canopy of greenery" and the "City Too Busy To Hate" moniker, and then sells us short by calling the Georgia Aquarium "one of" the world's largest and counting the metro's population at just 5.5 million people. (Come on, man — it's like 5.8 now!) Later, we find a few questionable observations, including, "Atlanta is a city filled with architecture synonymous with Southern style and grace," which has a reputation as "an arts-loving community." And don't mind the video's pissy commenters who liken a trip to Atlanta to running a gantlet of knife-wielding robbers. Because this is a city that's "sitting pretty under all those trees," the narrator oozes, "just waiting to be discovered."

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