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Pretty Hilltop Property Near Piedmont Park Seeks $585K

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There's something to be said for a property that employs a 700-word listing description with elegant photos and phrases like, "Attention romantic couples: hardwood floors are ideal for slow dancing." If nothing else, it shows that someone's really trying and that, just maybe, the same care went into the house itself. A glance around this renovated Morningside Tudor from 1928 suggests that could be the case. Positioned exactly a "30-second walk to the newest entrance to Piedmont Park," this three-bedroom, three-bathroom hill-topper has 2,000 square feet and what might seem like a hardly cheap but highly reasonable asking price: $558,000. As it should, the listing brags about the "oasis" of a backyard, the sprinkler system, the landscape lighting and the speaker system, as well as interior perks like those dance floors, the heated marble bathroom floors and a too-cool original butler's pantry. Even the potential deal-killer — the address on busy Monroe Drive — ain't no thang, per the listing, because there's alley access and an automatic privacy gate. In conclusion, the World's Most Thorough Listing Description asks: "Have you seen another house in a neighborhood of this caliber, with this much updating, priced so well?" Well ... have you?

· 1426 Monroe Drive []