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$4M Buckhead Manse is Like the Second Coming of Tara

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If Scarlett were to come looking for her dear old homestead, she'd find a suitable alternative in the prestigious neighborhood of Paces, not far from the Chattahoochee River. Tucked among the pines, Tara Two, as we'll call her, is a sprawling estate with seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms set on a lush lawn. Featuring a pool and outdoor kitchen, and plenty of room for genteel soirees both inside and out, the 9,628-square-foot home is a sight to behold — and a nightmare for adherents of contemporary minimalism. The mansion has it all, with gaudy carved and painted ceilings, a perplexing outdoors-esque mural in the entryway and, inexplicably, copious amounts of hideous 1970s faux-wood paneling. But with it being in the $3,995,000 price stratosphere, maybe Rhett would pop for a renovation.

· 1935 Garraux Road [Zillow]