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Here Now, a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Falcons' Stadium

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[Photos: Curbed]
[Photos: Curbed]

It's been almost exactly a year since the new Falcons Stadium began to rise up. And yesterday, visiting architects from around the globe got the chance to don hard hats, reflective vests and safety glasses to venture into the construction site and behold progress as part of the AIA Convention tours. We tagged along on the tour, too, as HOK showed off their gargantuan work-in-progress. We must say ... the views were stellar, and even the minutia about rebar and concrete was engaging.

[All stadium images by Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta.]

The scale of the $1.4 billion (at last check) project is mind-boggling. Here are some factoids to get the point across:

· Every day $2 to $3 million worth of work is completed.

· As of last Monday's roll call, there are 831 workers on site.

· Two-thirds of the concrete needed for the building has been poured.

· Between five and nine tractor-trailers arrive on site each day to bring rebar reinforcements for the concrete.

· The steel roof trusses will add an additional 120 feet to the final height, above the concrete.

· The new stadium will have 65-percent more points of sale for concession than the Georgia Dome.

· Erection of the steel roof should start in late summer.

· The design team envisions the site of the Georgia Dome as a grass parking lot and fields for use by the community. Let's remember they said that.

· When completed, the stadium could be the first LEED platinum certified stadium ever constructed.

· We climbed up 159 stairs to take pictures from the third deck of the stadium. The evaluators will be welcome additions. Hope you enjoyed the view.