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Tri-Level Live-Work Townhome in Kirkwood Costs $350K

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This three-story Kirkwood townhome is the opposite of a mullet: It's all business downstairs and fun up top. In any case, it presents an all-caps "RARE" opportunity for a live-work arrangement in the Kirkwood Village, or the street-front office space could function as a third bedroom, according to the listing agent. Finding this much multi-family space (1,922 square feet) for an asking price like $350,000, as is the case here, is getting increasingly tough across the city. But buyers seeking townhomes like this might covet higher Walk Scores than 69. One might say that's suspiciously low, given the proximity of bike lanes, bus routes and everything from a cavernous sports bar, downhome barbecue joint and coffee-shop/beer-house hybrid within a two-block radius, but algorithms are gospel. Anyhow, the unit itself, built in 2006, looks ready to roll with espresso-colored hardwoods, stainless steel and granite. Be advised, ye NIMBYs, that the woodsy, weedy view from the back porch might be replaced by about 300 new neighbors, sooner or later.

· 41 Howard St. SE [Redfin]